What’s included with an interior painting job?

  • We have plenty of clean, durable, canvass drop cloths that we use generously.
  • We spackle holes, caulk where needed, scrape off old paint imperfections / remove paint boogers.
  • We scuff trim and other glossy surfaces (including most bathrooms) before repainting for better adhesion and coverage. It doesn’t take that long and is well worth the effort.
  • We often use blue tape for certain paint lines- baseboards, trim, corners where two different color meet.
  • We broom away cobwebs & dust from walls and ceilings, then hand wash any troublesome stains or dirt. We spot prime where necessary- water stains, bare wood, repaired areas…
  • We clean up thoroughly every day so our stuff is out of your way.

Our walls need more than just paint. What kind of wall repair do you offer?

  • We fix a lot of water damaged areas.
  • We can repair and/or replace drywall.
  • We can float uneven surfaces smooth with joint compound. This includes entire plaster walls or just specific areas such as drywall repairs.

How often should I stain my deck?

Staining a deck every few years will greatly add to the useful life of your investment. You should reseal your deck, simply put, when it looks like it needs it. Floors, railing tops, and any other horizontal surfaces weather quicker.

You can do the water drop test. Pour a little water on the surface. If it beads, you are fine and can check again next year. If the water readily soaks in, you should probably reseal it. I recommend using Sikkens Cetol SRD found at Anderson’s and Ace Hardware: Product Review.