Originally from Michigan’s upper peninsula small town of Calumet, Brian came to Ann Arbor and received his B.A. in Psychology from U-M. Needing work during the summer of his junior year, he began painting for a local student painting company.

Enjoying the work, he soon learned to estimate labor and materials and began painting on his own. Classes from U-M’s business school- accounting, marketing, real estate, encouraged him to start his own company.

Brian with a Paint BrushWhile exploring various career paths- student counseling, computer consulting at U-M, some sales, and more, Brian kept on painting at least part time since 1996. He says, “There is something intrinsically rewarding about painting work. Unlike most jobs, with painting, you have definite start and end points. After working hard with your hands, you get a great visual sense of accomplishment when finished. It’s kind of a Zen thing.”

Brian currently has a 2-3 man crew, including himself, and personally supervises and works on each job. During the busier summer months, he has up to five workers (two crews). All painters have worked with Brian and have years of painting experience. Clients can rest assured that they have top-notch, trustworthy workers on the job.